Located in a breathtakingly beautiful area of north-central New Mexico, the Galisteo Basin Preserve is framed by the Ortiz Mountains to the southwest, the Cerrillos Hills to the west, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the northeast, and the Jemez Mountains to the northwest. The Preserve is located 15 miles south of Santa Fe: approximately 20 minutes from the city’s commercial and cultural center via US Highway 285. It is 45 miles (a 60-minute drive) from Albuquerque via Interstate 40 and County Road 41.

Galisteo Basin Preserve Map

The approximately 9,500-acre Galisteo Basin Preserve is a vast, protected open space, intertwined with miles of public trails, and a cluster of careful-sited conservation neighborhoods. By its adjacency to approximately 9,800 acres of federal, state, and Santa Fe County public lands, the GBP is the centerpiece of a nationally-acclaimed conservation and recreation area totaling nearly 20,000 acres.


The West Basin, the Preserve’s first development, anchors the southwestern boundary with four off-the-grid equestrian homesteads along County Road 42. Just north of this neighborhood lie the Preserve’s premier Conservation Ranches. Three additional neighborhoods are located on the east side of the Preserve, accessed by US Hwy 285. These include New Moon Overlook, sited along the Preserve’s northern rim; Southern Crescent, which looks out across the Preserve’s southern expanse 1/2 mile from the proposed village site; and the East Preserve equestrian properties.