Located on the western edge of the Galisteo Basin Preserve, the Conservation Ranches offer dramatic views of by the Cerrillos Hills and the Ortiz, Sangre de Cristo, and Jemez mountains. They are accessed from Santa Fe County Road 42, approximately two miles northwest of the Village of Galisteo. The Conservation Ranches are located within 25 minutes from downtown Santa Fe.

Interactive Map

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The Conservation Ranches will be fully serviced with utilities, including electricity and telecommunications. If an owner chooses to build an “off-grid” residence, Commonweal can help facilitate the creation of a self-sufficient system.

Each Conservation Ranch will be serviced by an independent water well. Conservation Ranch owners are encouraged to minimize their domestic water consumption by recycling water and using rainwater catchment systems for all outdoor irrigation.

The off-grid option
If a property owner is interested in building a residence that is not tied to the regional power grid, Commonweal Conservancy can help advise owners on solar photo-voltaic (PV) and heating systems. The Galisteo Basin Preserve enjoys more than 320 days of sunshine a year, making it an optimal site for solar energy generation.

A well-crafted PV power system supplies clean, quiet, and uninterrupted electric power. A standard system includes an array of solar panels, a special battery for storing electricity, and a generator to supplement a household's power needs during extended periods without sunshine.

The Conservation Ranches are accessed from Santa Fe County Road 42. Commonweal Conservancy will develop an all-weather, base-course driveway to a preferred homesite location.

Telephone + Internet Service
Telephone service will be provided by an Internet-based "Voice Over IP" (VOIP) service. Unlike traditional telephone service, VOIP providers utilize the advanced fiber-optic networks of the Internet, enabling them to offer analog or digital phone service with highly competitive rates and features. VOIP offers unlimited local and long distance calling for a monthly fee. In many cases users may retain their existing phone number, regardless of location.

Cellular phone service and accessibility is available through local and national providers such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT+T.

High-speed Internet access is available through CNSP Wireless and Cybermesa, local wireless network providers that serve the Santa Fe area. Average connection speeds (upload and download) range from 1.5 to 7.5 megabytes/second.

Development Standards

Development standards for the Conservation Ranches intend to minimize the impact of new construction on the scenic, cultural, and habitat values of the region. A carefully defined set of covenants and restrictions will encourage homes to be built in a manner that exemplifies the energy-efficiency and water-conservation values of green development. Commonweal is currently crafting the document that will set forth these building and landscaping criteria.