Since 2003, Commonweal Conservancy stewardship work has been devoted to protecting and restoring the Galisteo Basin Preserve's scenic, habitat, recreational, and environmental resources for the benefit of people, as well as for the region's diverse animal and botanical communities.

Among Commonweal's proudest accomplishments has been the design and construction of a world-class, publicly-accessible hiking, cycling and equestrian trail network. To date, 28 miles of trails have been developed along the ridge lines and through the grasslands and arroyos of the GBP's eastern geography.

The recently launched $1.4M Stewardship Campaign will ensure that most of the 9,500-acre+/- preserve will be overlaid with conservation easements—an initiative that will permanently protect the GBP's natural areas and trails for future generations.

In addition to its planned conservation easement overlays, the Stewardship Campaign will help underwrite the development of 22 miles+ of new trails within the GBP's central and western open spaces.

Although small-scale restoration projects have been completed adjacent to GPB trailheads and neighborhood areas, larger watershed and grassland restoration projects are proposed to complement the trail development program in coming years.

Friends of the Preserve, members of the preserve's community-stewardship program, are critical partners in the care and management of the GBP's open space and trail resources. Click here if you would like to become a Friend of the Preserve to advance the preserve's on-going stewardship and restoration efforts