On February 8, 2008, Commonweal Conservancy submitted the preliminary plat for the first phase of the Village at the Galisteo Basin Preserve, now known as Trenza, to the Santa Fe County Land Use Division. It was approved by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners on February 9, 2010.

A collaborative effort among the Commonweal staff and consultants, the Phase I preliminary plat details the design values, planning principles, and community-making ambitions of the Village's initial phase of development.

The submittal consists of hundreds of pages of engineering and architecture illustrations, studies, and infrastructure plans, as well as a narrative component. This narrative, which gives context to the technical pages and explains Commonweal's rationale and approach to the Village's first phase, can be downloaded from the links below.

In our view, the plat's compilation of studies, plans, and development strategies offers a new model of community making in the American West. It is an example of new town building that we hope will be inspirational for developers, planners, engineers, and conservation professionals throughout the country.

It is exciting for us to be close to realizing the vision of Trenza's village plan. Next up in the entitlement process is going through Santa Fe County's review of the Phase I final plat.

Download The Village at the Galisteo Basin Preserve Preliminary Phase I Plat below. All PDFs are available on a read-only basis.