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The Galisteo Basin Preserve is the flagship initiative of Commonweal Conservancy, a nonprofit conservation-based community development organization located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In 2003, Commonweal Conservancy entered into a multi-year contract to acquire the Galisteo Basin Preserve—formerly known as the Thornton Ranch—for a combination of conservation and community development purposes. Since then, Commonweal has advanced the vision, planning, and development of Trenza, the proposed village at the Galisteo Basin Preserve, and the protection and restoration of the Preserve’s open space. Commonweal has developed water wells, roads, and utilities to serve the initial phase of the project—the conservation neighborhoods of West Basin, New Moon Overlook, Southern Crescent, East Preserve, and the Conservation Ranches. Currently, Commonweal is working with community leaders and a team of environmental, planning, engineering, legal, and architectural professionals to advance the development of Trenza.

For Commonweal and its partners, the Galisteo Basin Preserve is intended to be a model for stewardship-based community development in the Southwest—one that respectfully accommodates public values of viewshed and environmental protection, habitat restoration, and recreational access. For residents of the Galisteo Basin Preserve, the design and development values of the project will support a lively and engaging quality of community, as well as a tangible quality of connection to the ecological and cultural resources of the region.

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Commonweal Communities

Commonweal Communities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonweal Conservancy, Inc. This for-profit subsidiary manages some market-rate real estate portions of Commonweal projects, including sales of the Southern Crescent home sites at the Galisteo Basin Preserve. For more information about Commonweal Communities, please call 505.982.6294, ext. 102.

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